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6 global companies received SET awards

SOLHO chosen as a top innovator in energy transition

Six companies from all over the world received SET awards – one of which is based in the Netherlands:

SOLHO, Netherlands
(Category 5: Energy, Water and Food) for their solar-based energy systems for greenhouses. Their system uses solar power, thermal storage and seawater to generate all the needs of greenhouses.

Ionomr Innovations, Canada
(Category 1: Low-Carbon Energy Production) for their ion-exchange membranes for clean energy generation and storage, wastewater treatment and industrial processes.

ForCity, France
(Category 2: Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security) for a software suite to simulate how a city could change over the next decades, to plan sustainable decisions and to forecast and account for grid instabilities and energy transition challenges of the future.

Coolar, Germany
(Category 3: Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices & Storage) for working on a solar-heat-powered, water-based refrigerator, to cool (for example) vaccines in remote areas without grid access.

Skeleton Technologies, Germany
(Category 4: Innovative Mobility) for their graphene-based ultracapacitors and energy storage systems. They offer four times the power density and two times the energy density of their competitors. Applied to heavy vehicles, they increase fuel efficiency dramatically

Acacia Innovations, Kenya
(Category 6: Special Prize: UN Sustainable Development Goal 7): They make modern and clean cooking affordable for schools in Kenya. It supplies cooking fuel (briquettes made of sugar cane waste) and cookstoves using a subscription model that has made them the largest market operator.