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Which countries have the worst cybersecurity?

Algeria has worst cyber security, Japan best

A Comparitech study looked at 60 countries and found huge variances in a number of cyber security categories, from malware rates to cybersecurity-related legislation. Rankings were created for the 60 countries, from the least cyber safe to the most cyber safe. According to the study, Algeria is the least cyber-secure country in the world. It was the highest-ranking country for lack of legislation and computer malware rates, and also received a high score in the categories for mobile malware and preparation for cyber attacks.
Other high-ranking countries were Indonesia, Vietnam, Tanzania, and Uzbekistan.
Germany received the highest score for financial malware, and China received the highest score as the country where most telnet attacks originated from.
The highest-scoring countries per category were:
• Highest percentage of mobile malware infections – Bangladesh – 35.91% of users
• Highest number of financial malware attacks – Germany – 3% of users
• Highest percent of computer malware infections – Algeria – 32.41%
• Highest percentage of telnet attacks (by originating country) – China – 27.15%
• Highest percentage of attacks by cryptominers – Uzbekistan – 14.23% of users
• Least prepared for cyber attacks – Vietnam – 0.245 score
• Worst up-to-date legislation for cybersecurity – Algeria – 1 key category covered

Overall cybersecurity rankings (from the worst to the best):
Algeria 1
Indonesie 2
Belgium 48
Netherlands 52
US 56
Canada 58
France 59
Japan 60

Read more about the criteria and methodology used.